So what makes our company different from all the rest? It can be difficult to describe, however there is something the trips and tours that we provide – something that, by the time the tour has come to an end, it inspires kitsch to be purchased, songs to be sung, poems to be written, and guests to return and travel with us over and over again. However, there are some tangible things that we believe makes a significant difference:

Unsurpassed value. In our opinion, we offer the best value-for-quality tours of New Zealand that are available. We invite you to make your own comparisons with other reputable companies. Our guided tours are jam-packed full of quality accommodations; delicious food and wine; the finest locations, both unknown and known; life-enriching daily activities, guided transportation and the ultimate in service. We have kept our company focused and small on purpose, and our overhead low, so that we can provide you with the best trips imaginable.

Available locally, yet based locally. Although our home base is New Zealand, there are members of our team New Zealand Toursstationed all over the world. That means that we are available even with time zone changes, and thinking about your trip and you around the clock no matter what time it is in your part of the world. Sizes do matter. When we say we offer small-group tours, we really do mean that. Our guided group size is limited to 8 guests. That way you can travel unobtrusively around the country, and enjoy the flexibility and freedom of small numbers in addition to the stress-free benefits that are provided by guided travel.

Choice. You get to choose how and when you see New Zealand. Our company offers a wide range of departures dates as well as tour styles that vary according to budget and length, ranging from private, fully bespoke tours, to personalized self-drive adventures, to three-week guided, all inclusive packages. They have all carefully research, which allows you to get back and relax and enjoy the journey of a lifetime.

We strongly believe in variety. Our business is not solely a Biking Tour company or Walking Tour company. We include a wide range of activities, to serve the diverse interests that you have. They are all selected to enhance the experience that you have of every region, whether that is watching rare wildlife, sailing aquamarine waters, wine tasting at an award-winning vineyard, sea kayaking along the beach or hiking through a rain forest.Best Tours of New Zealand

Extraordinary guides. Our guides are from New Zealand and are able to provide entertaining, articulate and well-informed discussions about this beautiful and fascinating country. Our guides also love being able to share their local knowledge of the best coffee carts, hidden bookshops, favorite watering holes, secret walks, etc. Most important of all, our guides are actually world travelers themselves. That is why they have a detailed understanding of expectations and the ability to translate various cultural nuances via a common perspective. We provide legendary service, and we have guides available on a 24/7 basis to help ensure you have the tour of your lifetime.

Our company is owner operated. Our pioneering founders are actively involved with the company still and have been for more than 20 years since they first initiated a new way of traveling in New Zealand. What that means is that the company’s core values of providing the best-value and best-quality trips available have continued to be our focus.